Friday, July 17, 2009

Amai Proshno Kore

Havent sung a bengali song for the blog in a while :( So finally it was time. Found the track and love the song so recorded it :) This song is more popular in the hindi version 'Kahi Door Jab' sung by Mukesh. The bengali version was originally sung by Hemant Mukhopadhyay.
Hope you enjoy my attempt :)

Original Singer : Hemant Mukhopadhyay
Music Director: Salil Chowdhury
Sung By: Soumitra



Asim Ghosh said...

Nice to hear a bangla song in your voice after a long time (and that too of Hemanta M). Great work, nice consistent harkatein all throughout. Used your own style/ variations, huh? Nice!

SalilDa's compositions require delicate breathing techniques, this one is no exception either. You mastered it nicely. BTW, were those breathing/lip-movement sounds left on purpose?

Sing more. Manabendra? Manna? Try Ami Jamini Tumi Shashi Hey

Soumitra said...

Thanx Asim for listening and your kind comments :)
I guess those breathing sounds were kept coz i was too lazy to remove them !!...i havent quite mastered how to remove them properly :( will take some tips from you :)

would love to try ami jamini you have a track for that ?
thanx again :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Soumitra,
Nice to hear a song from you after sometime. Certainly, I haven't heard the Bengali version of this song and thanks for sharing. Enjoyed listening to it.

Keep Singing ... me listening

Vidyu said...

Love this song and absolutely loved ur rendition :-) Very soothing .. Would love to hear u sing one of my KK favorites, "Cheyechi jare ami"..I hope u can record that soon :-)

Vishal said...

I love this song and love it more after hearing this sweet Bengali version ! As usual you have done a great job.


Sudipta Chakraborty said...

Nice one Soumitra, so good to hear you sing after a long time.
Sudipta Chakraborty