Thursday, October 15, 2009

Don't Say Alvida

Have been pretty busy for a while now with a variety of things on my plate. Was not planning on recording anything but heard this one on MTV and couldnt resist myself ! Beautiful song,beautiful lyrics,beautiful tune, beautiful voices - what more do you need ! Melody still rules !! The song is from the movie 'Main Aur Mrs.Khanna'. Sajid-Wajid has composed this chartbuster which has already topped the Bollywood top 10 list in most websites. Sonu Niigam and Shreya Ghoshal have rendered this in their own sweet way. Must say they are the Kishore-Lata of this age. What amazes me with these two singers is how easy it sounds when you hear the song and yet when you try to sing it you understand how difficult it is to get the small things right. Amazing duo ! I hope they live a 100 years to give us more of such music pleasure.

Vidyu has been kind enough to lend me her vocals to complete this one. She sounds absolutely amazing. I bet Shreya would be very happy to hear her version :-) I am a little bit rusty but i hope you will still lend your ear to listen to our humble attempt.

The movie just released on the occassion of Diwali. Here's wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali. Khub mithai khao aur khilao :-) God Bless and thanx for listening :-)

Song : Dont Say Alvida
Movie : Main Aur Mrs. Khanna
Original Singers: Sonu Niigam and Shreya Ghoshal
Cover By : Soumitra Sarkar and Vidyu Appaiah
Music By : Sajid-Wajid



Bivash said...

koekta gaan sunlam,soumitra da. fatafati.ekhono continue kore jachho tahole.jai hok darun,superb.
amake chhinle na to.amar naam tukai,from new barrackpore,kolkata.ebar o to bujhle na.ami Biman er bhai.

Vishal.. said...

Haven't heard the original before but didn't fancy the tune or lyrics ..May be this song grows on you after a while :-) ..Soumitra's "Don't say Alvida" line didn't come out properly but overall nice and expressive singing by both of you !

I think Sonu and Shreya are very good singers but I don't see them reaching the heights of Kishore-Lata with the kind of songs they are offered :-)


Meera Manohar said...

Very good one both of you!!

Enjoyed it a lot

Vidyu said...

Thank you all so much for listening and the good words and Soumitra, for singing this with me :) Great expressions! :)