Thursday, April 23, 2009

Deewana Leke Aaya Hai

'Mere Jeevan Sathi' was a big hit because of its super songs composed by RD Burman. One such gem from the movie is Deewana Leke Aaya Hai. Beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. I have made a humble attempt in singing this number. Please have a listen at your convenience.

Original Singer : Kishore Kumar
Movie: Mere Jeevan Sathi
Music Director: RD Burman
Sung By: Soumitra



Vidyu said...


Thanks SO much for singing one of my favorite KK songs and how very well have u sung it!!! :) A combination of absolutely smooth, clean, attention to detail singing with also a bit of ur signature touch has made this to my top of the charts! :) AWESOME!!! :)

Keep singing! :)

Amit said...


I just have 3 words for your rendition:

"Fantastic", "Fabulous" & last but not the least, "Fatafati".

Amit Dey

Soumitra said...

Vidyu and Amit - you two just made my day and even the weekend ! Thanx so much for your generous comments :)

Deepak Roy Chittajallu said...

Dadaaa !!! Awsomeee, Flawless .... :)

Keep singing !!!



Nandita said...

Extremely soothing rendition Soumitra. Totally enjoyed it.

Vishal said...

Heard this song after a loong time ...Very good rendition dude..Sing more KK songs please :-)


Soumitra said...

Deepak, Nandita , Vishal - Thanx so much for listening :)

Asim Ghosh said...

Heard this on Taranaa before. As always, your talent in singing shows through each of your renditions. This one was no exception. The mood, expressions, pronunciations, sur, everything is right on the dot. Plus, the personal variations you experimented in this classic KishoreDa number came out very nice. Your songs are always worth listening once, twice, thrice.....nth time.

Never heard a Rafi Sahaab song in your voice. Perhaps in your next project?

Soumitra said...

Asim - Thanx for your kind words and your time :) Will surely sing a Rafi saab song soon :)

Animesh Kulkarni said...

I just came across ur blog while surfing. I didnt even know people do this. This is amazing & ur voice suits Kishor's songs very much. Thanks for making this blog.