Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ek Meetha Marz Dene


Its been quite a while since i updated my blog. Firstly a very happy new year to you all. Hope 2009 brings out the best in you :) Thanx to all those who spend a part of their time listening to my songs on my blog in 2008 :)

Lets get to the song now ! Most of the top 10 songs these days come with a heavy dose of orchestration...excellent beats ...jazzy bass guitar.....you hear the song and say 'wow kya beats hain yaar' and start tapping your feet !! Sometimes you do remember the lyrics too ! And there are songs also of our generation that get instantly recognized for their tune and lyrics rather than the "foot tapping" nature of the song. The voice becomes the sole feature rather than the orchestration ! One such song which i loved instantly is 'Ek Meetha Marz' from the movie 'Welcome to Sajjjanpur' . The song is beautifully sung by 'Dooba Dooba' fame Mohit Chauhan and 'Kabhi Neem Neem' fame Madhushree. Its such a beautiful tune that i am sure those who have heard it once still remember it !

I have tried singing this song with Vidyu . She has sung her lines beautifully as only she can. I hope you like our attempt and leave a note if you can :-) Please have a listen at your convenience :)

Song: Ek Meetha Marz Dene
Original Singer: Mohit Chauhan & Madhusree
Movie: Welcome to Sajjanpur (2008)
Music Director: Shantanu Moitra
Lyrics: Ashok Mishra, Swanand Kirkire
Sung By:
Soumitra & Vidyu



Jo said...

Good one as usual. :-)

Nandita said...

Good to see an update on your blog. Really nice song selection and very nicely sung by both of you. Soumitra your voice sounded really soothing in this song and I thought you handled the low notes well! Wonderful singing and expressions by Vidyu.

Soumitra said...

Joe - Thanx :)
Nandita - Thanx for your good words :)

Vidyu said...

Joe - thankyou :)

Nandita - Appreciate your good words, thanks for listening :)

Soumitra - Thankyou SO much for signing this song with me! You were brilliant! :)

Leena said...

superb singing duo.
ur voices are magical no doubt. beautiful and a very very soothing rendition.

Vishal said...

Never heard this song but I am a big fan of "Mohit Chauhan" ..As usual, you both have done a wonderful job ! :-)


Asim Ghosh said...

Nicely sung. Liked it. Sing more often.

Soumitra said...

Vidyu - You sang extremely well :)
Leena - Thanx for your kind words :)
Vishal - Thanx...would like to hear something from you too !
Asim - Looks like you didnt like it too much ;-) Just kidding..thanx for listening :)

Deblina M. said...

Beautiful Rendition!

ulfat said...

beautiful singing :)
soumitra..yu have an awesome voice and yur pitch it awesome..i just thought that yu were stretching yur singin a bit more..so just take it an advice.. otherwise yur singin was realli awesome..realli :) i loved it

fahim said...